What's everyone working on this week (39/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I didn't get much done on uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) last week but hope to get the last open PR merged this week and release a new version to crates.io.

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Creating a quantum-resistant hyperencryption protocol (9 months into it now) that will be used for decentralized apps and enterprise/military grade software

Working on making some bindings to dart's native extension API using bindgen, going to push to crates.io after I've sorted out a few things.

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Trying to serialize log::Record using abomonation and learning a lot in the process.

People would show more respect for print!() and write!() if they knew about the stuff lying below the innocent-looking surface of fmt::Arguments...


Working on two firsts!

  1. Making my first emulator, Chip8 (a nice gentle introduction)
  2. Doing it in rust, my first project in the language

Documenting all the new API that I added to abi_stable (a library Rust-to-Rust ffi, with a focus on creating libraries loaded at program startup, and with load-time type-checking),after that I'll do more general polishing of the library,and finally release the 0.7.0 version later this week.

I'm waiting for my graph pre-computation test to finish for speeding up cargo-tally so I started working on my first rust project, after starting over I came up with a working search function (where is was stuck before) for a Trie. It is generic over the inserted sequence values ie [ T ] and so far uses no RefCell, Rc or any other smart pointer.

I started again with my project Malaga and now I'm working in workers https://github.com/spielrs/malaga

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I've forked trybuild and now trying to rewrite it according to my own case (hope to share the result soon).

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I adjusted an older Blender scene, I had lying around to be usable and renderable via the parse_blend_file executable provided by rs-pbrt (some Rust code needed adjustments as well for that):


Released version 0.1.1 of Offst: a digital credit card, allowing secure and free payments. Link to full post

Summary of major changes:

  • Atomic payments feature
  • Added capnp ergonomics
  • Upgraded "Futures"

Summary of future plans:

  • Multiple currencies feature
  • Replace cryptographic library
  • Graphical user interface

I'm going to lift (translate) first few WebAssembly bytecodes to LLVM IR github.com/ysz/wasm2llvm :slight_smile:

I finally published some changes to bex, a crate for working with boolean expressions as abstract syntax trees or binary decision diagrams (BDDs). The BDD implementation can now leverage multiple threads.

The multi-threading code was basically a prototype from several months ago, so now I'm mostly doing a bunch of refactoring, documentation, and cleanup work. My goal is to start releasing a new version of the crate every few weeks.

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I'm implementing a space-efficient algorithm to calculate quantiles (like median). I was inspired by Apache Spark's implementation but changed a bit to give better results.

I will probably publish to crates.io and open a PR in Spark to suggest my modifications.