What's everyone working on this week (43/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I’ve found a way to obtain type size in stable rust, so I should be able to bring my usdt/dtrace probes macro back to usable state in stable.

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Pretty new to the Rust community. I built a snake using Piston this weekend, trying to use some patterns I’ve been learning on. The logic of the game is an independent module called by the main struct handling game graphics.

Curious and eager to take feedback:


I’m going to migrate outdated codebase of reverse proxy onto the latest release of the tokio package (and other related packages as well), so that I could refactor it later and test it thoroughly.

Working on subdivision surfaces this week:

I’m still playing around with embedded rust on the stm32f103. Today I submitted a PR to add support for the ADCs on that chip.

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Refactoring and implementing cursor mod for potted tree in trees crate.
Developing a new crate for yet another memory pool in order to refactor the potted mod.( Update: it has been published with the name indexed.

Trying to get something working on Halite.

I’ve tried getting into Rust on-and-off for a few years now and playing Halite last year was a project that probably taught me the most about the borrow checker out of any of my projects because of how much state you have to cross-reference.

They completely changed the game mechanics this year and all the tooling I wrote is now broken, so I have a lot to keep me busy.

Working on the behavior trees in my dwarf fortress style game so people eat actual food items and do so at tables. Got most of it working except for the part where they actually consume the food item so currently, their inventory fills up with “space meat”.

Also the actual json for the behavior trees, which is basically just serde’ed AST nodes, is pretty awful so I might spend time with nom or some other parser generator to build some kind of actual language for describing them at some point.

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I’ve done all I can for now to get Rutie (Ruby & Rust integration) working on Windows. It partially works but needs some one with a little more know how in linking libraries to get a Ruby dependency working. Once that’s done Rutie will work on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This week I’m switching my focus to learning the Gotham framework. I’ll be writing a blog about it in a week or so.

Building a personal project: Plan-List, idea from my wife

I’m implementing a Credit Switching engine in Rust.
This is a decentralized system for digital payments based on trust between people.

I just wrote a first post introducing the idea behind the technology. Unfortunately, there is nothing yet ready to play with (The code compiles though!). I hope to be able to follow up with more information about how everything works, and soon be able to finish a working implementation.

CSwitch relies on Futures 0.3, so if you are looking for examples of using the new Futures technology this project already contains some code. I finished porting the code to Futures 0.3 very recently, thanks to lots of help I got from some of the forum members (Thank you @vitalyd and @Nemo157).