What's everyone working on this week (27/2018)

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

updating reflection crate to version 0.1.1, and looking for more use cases to get ideas for developing new version.

Exploring Gotham and the state of web development in stable Rust.

I have a client that prefers paying me in Bitcoins, so I’ll be hacking together a simple payment page that quotes the invoice amount in BTC based on current market rate and automatically converts the Bitcoins to Euros once the payment comes through.

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Code review, lots of code review of PRs to uom (Units of measurement – type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) for FromStr and Display implementations.

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Still working on the DMA code for my GSM-connected temperature sensor. I’ve been cleaning up what I already have and started moving it to lpc82x-hal (nothing merged yet).

A new version of serde_any, a crate for serializing and deserializing with a dynamically chosen format.

Supported formats are JSON, YAML, TOML and RON. The format can be passed as an argument, inferred from a file name, or guessed by attempting to deserialize with each supported format.

Working on a crate tentatively called “clapme” which is like a simpler version of StructOpt, which allows deriving a clap-based command line flag interface based on a struct or enum. Clapme will not enable users to generate an arbitrary interface, but should be easy to use since it won’t require attributes in order to work.

PS if you have an idea for a better name, let me know!

Together with a friend, we’re working on a generalized Perlin Noise implementation for N dimensions: https://github.com/felix91gr/rust-noiseToys

This week, after I hand in my last assignments for uni, I should be making the final touches to an important part of the test suite. I’m learning a lot! Also, Property Testing for the win :rainbow: it’s a lot of fun to know you’re generating 1000s of cases for checking your code :blush:

I’m still working on the branch for issue #39, but I’m close to be done. After that I will merge with the master branch and probably do another release

I started to gather scenes for the rs_pbrt renderer here:

Announced here

I’ve started experimenting with a reverse proxy server that can be used to relay TCP data streams and UDP packets through a NAT/Firewall. The main purpose is to allow 3rd party integrations (webhooks, voip connections, etc…) connect to servers under development on my local machine without having to resort to port forwarding and other shenanigans.

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For my game, I made a character walk using keyboard input:

Now working on a crate to reduce boilerplate when writing automated tests.

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Mainly thinking about how to do development on a mailinglist properly:

moving away from github
with the imag project, I started a conversation on our mailing list
about that. Especially because I don’t know how my own patchsets
should be handled? Should I send them to the ML and ask for review and
merge them after a certain time (if there hasn’t been any complains)?
That would be reasonable but on the other side our community is so
small that there won’t be any review most of the time (which is
unfortunate - feel free to contribute)!

What I do for now is sending “What’s cooking”-mails to the ML every
now and then to report on the status of my own patchsets. The best way
to be open and not to cause too much noise on the ML.

If someone is looking for a project to contribute to - imag needs
all help it can get!

(Note: I’m on a sabatical and thus it may take some days until I can
reply to emails.)