What's everyone working on this week (40/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I finally had the time to pull out the boilerplate bits from a few gamedev projects I’d been working on into something resembling a engine - it’s not in a state where it’d be of any use to anyone but me (or perhaps even me) yet, but it’s on GitHub at https://github.com/17cupsofcoffee/tetra.

If anyone has a little free time, I’d appreciate them taking a peek at the OpenGL abstraction layer - this is my first time writing any significant amount of unsafe code, and I’m sure it’s hilariously broken in ways I can’t yet comprehend :slight_smile:

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Lots of progress on DW1000/DWM1001. I have a working MAC layer (at least enough of it to do everything I need for now), autodiscovery is working, and I’ve started implementing distance measurement between nodes, by measuring the time it takes to send a wireless network packet from one to the other.

Still working on bezier path algorithms. I got intersections using the clipping algorithm for flo_curves working, and implemented a path addition (union) operation at least for the simplest case of two paths without any holes in them.

This week should be getting the algorithm working with arbitrary paths and also the intersection and subtraction algorithms, and with any luck actually using them in FlowBetween proper.

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I am prototyping my “distributed social network” on IPFS. Works quite well so far… but has only a very “plumbing” commandline interface. Maybe I’ll get to write a GUI within October.

Besides that I’m working on imag of course. Some interesting stuff I’m trying right now.

I’ll be looking in to fixing build.rs static linking for Ruby support in Rust and Rust support in Ruby in Rutie #41.

If my plans for this week work out then I should be releasing the first episode for a Rust series on Youtube at AllYourDev.

Working on my type_level set of libraries.

I am currently thinking about what to write in the guide chapter 12 about a type module with type parameters.

Any help with how to write tests for a derive macro would be welcome.

Worked on stdin control for my game:

Take that week 36/2018 !

(or perhaps, let Async::Ready(stdio_automation) = future.poll()?)


Working on some core changes in imag.

Contributors welcome!!

I closed several issues this week, so the VW scene renders almost identical (C++ vs. Rust):

I think it's time for a new release soon ...


all over the place, really—

  • made a cute little roguelike game using rust-ncurses, as well as play around a bit with some visual effects in libtcod-rs
  • followed rust webassembly tutorial and continued from there a bit (https://gitlab.com/medusacle/wasm-game-of-life)
  • working on a CTF game (inspired by microcorruption.com) with RISC-V emulator, all implemented in rust, except for the target hackme code of course :slight_smile:
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