What's everyone working on this week (16/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I made a very simple wave simulation (discrete, only 2 linear forces), and now I'm trying to simulate gravitational waves with it.

On lib.rs I've been working on adding a new "all versions" page that list:

  • Who published or yanked each crate version (where this info is available)
  • Which major dependencies have changed, so if you're trying to eliminate duplicate deps or need to use older shared libraries (e.g tokio 0.x), you can find when it changed.
  • List of features added and removed. When you upgrade a crate, you can see if the feature flags have been renamed or dropped.
  • Popularity of each version
  • Estimated minimum required rust version for each crate version. I needed to run cargo check over 300,000 times for this.

table of deps changes, new features, downloads, msrv

You'll find this page linked from here:


Working on core_extensions 1.4.0, more specifically on a tokens_method macro to do slice-like operations on tokens and pass the return value of those to a callback macro.

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