What's everyone working on this week (29/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Working on better performance for num: GitHub - Lemmih/num-criterion: Benchmarking for the num crates (rust).

There's room for a 10x improvement for small (less than, say, 192 bit) numbers. Large numbers are close to optimal when not targeting specific hardware.

Updating my oui library and probably doing some stuff with TLS 1.3

Still working on a uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) PR to update to quickcheck 1.0. I hoping that that the last thing needed is fixes to TryFrom impls for Time<-->Duration.

I've compiled a bunch of stats about crates.io crates:

popular rust categories


Upgrading a gtk+ app to gtk4-rs. In the periods I split the backend logic into a separate crate.

Trying to convince people that Replace error-returning builders with typestate-based builders · Issue #330 · hyperium/http · GitHub is a good thing to fix. Lots of people use that crate, and I think it would be a positive chage for many, but most people use http through a whole stack of different crates and few looks at this crate itself. So if you use any web client or server library in rust, this may well affect you. Go there and read the issue, and have your say about if it should be done or not (and if the linked PR is a good way of doing it or not).

Also, I wrote a silly little tool: GitHub - kaj/mondae: An inverse daemon runner, for running things in the foreground just because I needed it and didn't know how to search for any existing implementation.