What's everyone working on this week (12/2016)?


New week, new Rust. What are you folks up to?


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Working on my turn-based strategy game Zone of Control, as always :slight_smile:

Last week I added simple city tiles with wireframe buildings, implemented inderect fire (mortars) + fixed some stuff.

Right now i`m adding more unit types from blender mockup (1, 2) : http://i.imgur.com/DV1yMot.png

Planning to add water tiles, bridges and simple road system this week.

(Imgur album with screenshots for devlog)


I just published New Rustacean e012: I’m not familiar with that expression, on expressions and blocks-as-expressions in Rust.


I just published a plugin called Indoc (“indented document”) that does multiline indented string literals:


fn main() {
    let testing = indoc!("
    let expected = "a\n   b\nc\n   d";
    assert_eq!(testing, expected);

This week I will continue working on making Serde codegen use generics more correctly, and making serde-yaml preserve the order of map keys.


I put some additional work into flaker - it’s a distributed ID generator based on Boundary’s flake library for generating “128-bit, k-ordered ids (read time-ordered lexically)”. This sort of thing is helpful when you’re building distributed systems as well as if you’re just lazy and don’t want to round-trip to a data store to get an arbitrary identifier for a persisted object.

edit - I should add that this would not have happened without the help I received at the PDX Rust community’s Rust Hack Session.


Thanks to @japaric for making the x86_64-unknown-freebsd toolchain official I could now successfully cross compile from OSX to FreeBSD.

I prepared instructions and a set of binaries can be found here:


You should thank @alexcrichton instead! He’s the person who has been working on rustc for *BSD whereas I’ve been working on rustc for Linux-ARM. And neither would have been possible without “rustbuild” (the Cargo-based Rust build system) which is also @alexcrichton’s work :smile:.


I see. Thank you @alexcrichton :smile:


Tidying up the macros in my Elasticsearch client by removing them or replacing with existing crates that do the same thing but better. Allow users to set their own headers and support url query string.

Get the derive plugin for type mapping done and bench the results.

Start working on the rotor client implementation proper, which I’m really looking forward to playing with more :slight_smile:


I’m finally finishing up a big rewrite of log4rs that should leave it in a pretty good place for future expansion.