Visual Studio support!


Daniel Griffen has implemented a Rust extension for Visual Studio (nb, not Visual Studio Code).

It is early in development, but already supports all the core functionality (code completion, goto def, renaming, etc). If your’re a Visual Studio user, try it out and let us know what you think!


Thanks for the announcement Nick!

I’m the extension author, so if anyone has any questions regarding the extension feel free to ask.


Congrats on this release!

I note that this (currently) requires a VS preview build to obtain the language server support.

I’m working on Mac and thus far haven’t found any reference to language server support in Visual Studio for Mac builds.

Had either of you seen anything about this for Mac builds or have any thoughts on this extension eventually being functional on Mac?


Unfortunately I have no information on if or when the extension will be available for Mac. VS for Mac is a bit of a misnomer, It was originally Xamarin Studio and was re-branded after the acquisition by Microsoft. Currently there is little to no interoperability between Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac.


I had no idea that was the case. I just recently downloaded it to play with after I stumbled across it at random.

Knowing now that it isn’t the same thing as what you get on Windows I’m not sure i’ll bother digging further.

Thanks for the tip!