Rust Support for VS Code not working

I have installed Rust support for vs code but it is not working. I have rechecked all path variables are set correctly. Can you suggest a solution to this problem.

It's hard to see if rust support in VSCode works or not because you haven't shown anything in editor.

The ability to compile and run programs are not part of it and should be installed separately.

First hit in Google on "how to install rust": Install Rust - Rust Programming Language

P.S. Since you are on WIndows rustup will, most likely, suggest to install Visual Studio Build Tools. Yes, that's not a joke. You need both Visual Studio (any version: Build Tools, Community, Professional or Enterprise... rust just needs linker and libraries) and Visual Studio Code (editor). Because Microsoft doesn't give you linker and standard library as a separate package, but Rust is not supported by Visual Studio editor.

The Rust extension and the underlying RLS (Rust Language Server), while still being referenced on the website, are on their way out. Try rust-analyzer, which is set to replace it officially soon-ish and already works much better.

If you just installed Rust, rustup has just modified your PATH to make all Rust's executable available, but that change may only be available if you restart vscode and/or logout/login of your Windows account.

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