Vscode-rust (The extension for Rust for Visual Studio Code)

Hello everybody.



I am happy to announce that a new version of the extension has been published.


Thank you for your work on this, it's been improving my Rust experience. The new RLS integration is especially nice.

I like it too.

I also open to ideas.

Not only bug fixes, but also new features are welcome.

The version 0.3.9 has been published to the marketplace.

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Those who use the extension,
please write your opinions for issues:

Nice! When it comes to getting people using this, would be nice if the first post included more of a description.

That being said, very glad to see you are continuing and improving on RustyCode!

One other thing, this is a really nice plugin:

Would be nice if there was some way to combine it all into your project.

Will switch over to this one instead of RustyCode and give it a shot.

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I am thinking about it.
Probably I will implement it myself.

Firstly, excellent work on this plugin. It's the best IDE experience i've had in Rust.

Secondly, I'd love to have the LLDB integrated more tightly. Do you think it's possible to give an experience of say a button next to tests that could be clicked to launch the test inside LLDB or to just Run the test without the debugger? This is something I loved in Java with Intellij

I love VS Code for speed and nicer look, but only thing that is missing from VS Code Rust extension is Rust code Linter, which is working great on Atom text editor.

What is the major problem with that?
Or can I add Rust code Linter to VS Code manually ?

Look at https://github.com/rust-lang-nursery/rls/issues/173

The extension supports linting.
Read through the documentation: https://github.com/editor-rs/vscode-rust/blob/master/doc/main.md
Let me know I got you wrong.

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Ok I found Linting part, but currently I'm unable to get it to work.
here is what I have
VS Code MacOS sierra

Same With Atom + Rust Linter plugin

But maybe I've configured something wrong, because module finder and go to definition working fine in VS Code.
Will check that out with this new update.

You should either run any of commands (check, build, ...) or use RLS.

I've tried with "check" command but when I'm saving my code it just opening terminal output from VS Code terminal interface, but it's not marking with some red line on specific code lines.
I've been coding about 3 months using cargo watch check command for checking my code error/warning during file save process, but then I found that Atom Rust Code linter actually giving direct code underlines on errors or warnings, so I started using Atom instead of VS Code and cargo watch check command.

This is just my use-case maybe for other people it works fine :slight_smile:

Open a new issue in the repository.
Let's move our discussion there.

One question. The github page says, that RLS is integrated, but it seems, I have still to download RLS. Also the documentation says this.

The documentation says that there is integration with RLS.
If it doesn't please attach a link to the place.

It says, I have to download RLS.


I don't see here that RLS is integrated into the extension.

Sorry, I'm confused. Readme.md says

This extension adds advanced language support for the Rust programming language within VS Code. It features:

  • Rust Language Server integration.

But the other documentation says, I have to download it.
What is correct?