The Rust Book update strategy


I have noticed that last nice language introduction such as async/.await or the fresh new matches! have been not yet documented in the Rust book as other new stuff that have been recently added (in last months).

I was wondering if this is because the online book version is meant to be aligned with published copy, so it will be updated only when a new official printed version will be scheduled or if there are other reasons.

I am asking out of curiosity, basically I would like to know if there is an online free learning resource that is always updated to last language features released each month.

Thank you.

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The basic strategy is:

Carol and I write stuff for the book. (This is the point in this process where we are now, though we’ve gone through the full cycle twice.)

At some point, the physical copies in reserve get low, and we decide to start working on the new print edition.

We choose a rust version as the cutoff point. We make sure we’re happy with the contents. At this point, we consider the book “frozen” and submit it the editors.

We work with the editors until we have the final text for the next printed version.

Once that ships, we “re-open the tree” and start covering stuff that’s happened since things were frozen.

In general, the book gets updates when Carol and I make it happen. As time goes on, the need for this is less frequent. Async/await is a huge missing bit at this point, but there’s major questions about how we cover it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but also lately have not had a ton of time. I hope that we’ll get to it sometime soon.

Hope that helps and happy to answer any more questions.


You're so kind to answer in a very clear way!

Thank you, Carol and you are making a great job!

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Thanks so much!

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