When will Rust-book update the new version?

I am learning about rust via The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language and it's using old version (Rust 1.67.1 released 2023-02-09), so...When will it be updated?

I don't know. But you should be able to use the current version of Rust along with the book, if that's why you were asking.

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the rust-lang book is just an open source project to teach rust better. here is the github page. they get updated every once in a while, but it's mainly for important purposes like updating the rust version or adding new tools. i really don't think there's gonna be a major update or anything, cause the book already explains everything a new rust developer will need to know, and it teaches it well. btw, they probably just didn't update the text that says the current rust version, because in their commits they clearly said that they update to rust 1.76 last month


The book says "or later". You can definitely use a newer version of rust with the book. It's not going to teach you the wrong things.


The book covers topics which I suspect have not changed at all in recent versions. It doesn't cover aysnc, there is a separate book for that. Incidentally, I think this page in the async book ( " Currently, async fn cannot be used in traits on the stable release of Rust.") could be updated to reflect that async trait is now stable:


( Announcing `async fn` and return-position `impl Trait` in traits | Rust Blog)


Yeah, the main Rust book doesn't really cover anything that has had important changes since 1.67. The async book is a different story, but the async book is also much more incomplete and not really being worked on these days.

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