Thanks for the excellent Rust embedded book

I read the book over the weekend, and it has been a pleasant and joyful experience. I have tried Go on Raspberry Pis, which is not bad except for the garbage collector, and some Assembler, Forth and C on various other boards long time ago. I personally like the embedded book WAY more than the Rust book itself, it (the embedded book) is terse, sharp, focussed, straight to the point and full of light bulb moments. I'm thinking about spending $15 on a Discovery board :grinning:

Anyway, excellent job, congratulations!


Agree. I saw advertising popups suggesting Rust-programming-type books for sale on Amazon and just wondered who would ever buy those if there's The Rust Book.

Well, I bought the official "The Rust Book" in paperback, since I could take it in holidays without having to watch on a screen :grinning:

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