Discovery: Discover the world of microcontrollers through Rust!

Hello Rustaceans!

I’m here to announce Discovery: A book about (programming) embedded systems /
microcontrollers aimed at people without previous experience with them. Oh, and
the book happens to use Rust as the teaching language rather than the
traditional C ;-).

This is actually a re-release of the material we used during my embedded
at the Rust Belt Rust conference last month.

It pretty much has no new content since Rust Belt Rust but it still has more
content that we were able to cover during the 6 hours that the workshop lasted.
(I overdid myself a bit back there …)

I’m re-releasing this with a new name for two reasons: I want to preserve the
Rust Belt Rust material as it’s for historical reasons and I intent to continue
expanding this material; there’s so much left to cover!

Hope you folks find it helpful!

P.S. Some of you may have heard of, read or seen my Copper book. Copper’s
original goal was also being a text aimed at “embedded beginners” but Copper’s
other goal was (and still is) being device-agnostic. Turns out that achieving
both goals was too hard for me so I’m re-purposing Copper to focus on the low
level, Rustic details, like linker scripts and the boot process, that the
Discovery book doesn’t cover at the expense of beginner friendliness. For that
reason Copper is pretty much in flux right now but I hope to get it in better
shape in time for (That reminded me that I should be writing other
stuff. Bye!)


Thank you, this looks very interesting!

Wow, congrats seems very interesting. Will take a look when I have some spare time.



This is great! Thanks so much.

I would like to do your tutorial, but I can’t figure out how to purchase the serial or bluetooth modules because the instructions don’t include the part number or possible suppliers. Could you include the part numbers and possible suppliers in the next revision? Thanks again.

(Update: I think the serial module is the SparkFun DEV-13746.)

Updated that section with links to suppliers.

This is awesome, thanks for writing this. I want to learn Rust for embedded development!

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As a rust belt embedded workshop attendee, this is great. The content was extremely useful, and got us fully developing for, and deploying to, those sparkfun boards without the pain of figuring out the process from scratch. Good stuff.

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