Stylus dark theme for the rust forums - fixed!

I'd like to announce a Stylus theme I made almost a year ago, Dark Rust Forums.
Appropriately enough, it turns the 2 main rust fora ( and fairly dark, with beige text for nice contrast and readability.

Essentially it looks like this:

Hopefully it can be useful to more people than @dodomorandi and myself.


The install with stylish button on that page returns a 404

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I see what you mean but I’m not sure what happened. I reuploaded the theme just to be sure.
You should be able to download it now, my own machines can download the theme now too.
Thanks for the feedback!

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Still doesn’t work for me on chromium. I get:

Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a cross-origin frame.

Thanks though, i’ll look at it sometime in the future (or wait for discourse to implement a dark theme)

Could you try it now?
I’ve guarded the CSS by domain to include only irlo and urlo, something I’d forgotten to do.

As an aside I now remember why I didn’t publish this the first time around :slight_smile:


Still having the same issue

Very strange. I just installed a fresh Chromium, installed stylus, downloaded the theme, and that works.
Do you perhaps have any additional origin-related settings enabled?

@jjpe I noticed that there is distinction between read and unread posts. What do you think about adding something like

.topic-list-item.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification), .latest-topic-list-item.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification), .category-topic-link.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification) {
    color: #646464 !important;

Overall I like this look, but quoting people still is in light theme on the borders of the quote.


div.presence-users is still light background ("…replying") as well as aside.quote div.title (title bar for full quotes). Interestingly, a BBCode blockquote in a BBCode blockquote suffers the same fate, wheras a markdown blockquote doesn’t.

blockquote level 1

blockquote level 2


@dodomorandi I think it’s a very good idea. In fact I’ve already uploaded the change.
@RustyYato and @CAD97 The quoting issues should now be fixed.

I’ve also tried to tackle the div.presence-users issue but it’s difficult to test as I can’t trigger it reliably on my own. So that will probably be drive-by bugfixing on top of what I’ve already included. I think it’s also the reason it hasn’t really bothered me thus far: it happens relatively rarely, and then usually for a minute or so at a time.

Thanks for the feedback people :slight_smile: