Title bar went black in dark theme

Hi, I’m noticing this on multiple devices: The title bar on URLO used to be a dark brown (slightly darker than IRLO) – today it changed to black making the rust logo almost invisible.

Just as a sanity check, can anyone confirm they got this change too?

@moderators can we change this back?
(Or do something about the logo similar to the docs as discussed in this thread?)


While we’re at it, could we change the color scheme of the syntax highlighting so that standard library types are not almost invisible anymore?

fn f(_x: i32) -> Option<()> {}


(I’m just noticing, the darker background seems new, too, so it used to be slightly worse.)

On the “Material Dark” theme, the Rust logo is basically invisible.

Okay, I have now updated the Material Dark theme to fix some things broken by recent changes to Discourse, and (I hope) restored all our customizations to the theme. The theme update may come with some other (intentional) appearance changes.


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