Dark (ayu) Theme for rustdoc and Docs.rs

Hello everyone,

I put together an ayu-based dark theme for rustdoc and Docs.rs a couple months ago, and having now spent a decent amount of time using it and fixing small issues I feel that it's ready to be shared with the community. The Github repo can be found here. It's meant to be used via something like Stylish and looks like this:

You can view more screenshots here. If you find any issues or have any critiques to make on my rather poor CSS (or the color scheme itself), don't hesitate to leave an issue on the repo :slight_smile:

EDIT 2/6/17: The style is now on userstyles.org.


Seems like something I already did a few months/years ago. It's nice though. :wink:


Interesting, that's something else that can be done with this theme then. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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Quick update: I just added theme support for two rust playgrounds (the official one and integer32's). The theme is also now available on userstyles.org (see the link edited into the bottom of the original post).

Also, make sure you have the Chrome syntax theme selected in the editor to use the one I constructed in the ayu style.