Dark theme changes for this forum

Using the dark design of discourse on URLO (and also IRLO), I just noticed a design change that includes highly annoying very bright blue flashing animations while navigating the site. E.g. going back from a post to the home page, I took this screenshot

Where this blue effect highlighting the post I came from fades away very slowly (over about 3 seconds) and you can’t really read anything until it’s gone.

Or moving into a topic, the whole screen light up brightly if the post is long:

If there’s an option to change this back, I’d be happy if it could be change.


My guess: That color is designed for the default/white theme, but happened to be in the dark theme temporarily due to a bug. Hopefully soon fixed ...

This has always been part of the "Material Dark" theme we are using, but previously we used the theme editor to disable it. However, the latest update to Discourse no longer supports editing remote themes. I think we can still customize the theme, but we'll need to fork its git repository instead. I'll try to do this soon, or if some other CSS-savvy person wants to volunteer, please go ahead.

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I've switched to a fork with the animations disabled. If you were previously using the "Material Dark" theme, you'll need to enable the new version in the Interface Preferences.


The recommended way to apply small CSS-only patches to a remote theme is either to create a new theme component in the UI with your changes - due to CSS overriding rules, this works fine - or fork the repository :slight_smile: which gives some bonus source control benefits, of course.

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Also, is it possible to make the edging around comments/messages more defined. The new theme makes them almost invisible.

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