Suggestions to the site's UI


I wanted to suggest to imrpove the UI of this site, as Brave (browser) has managed to do so with their Discourse website. Not a huge deal but it does look nice.


If it’s just the dark theme you’re after is working perfectly for me here. If it’s using rounded borders and drop-shadows etc. I have no real opinion on those.


Is it possible to install it on Rust for myself (if that makes anysense)?


Just follow the link Nemo gave you:


Stylish themes and other browser extensions work just fine on desktop browsers, but not so well on mobile (e.g. Chrome on Android). Discourse has themes built in, and I use its dark theme on other Discourse servers where it has been enabled; without it, I’m much less likely to participate in a Discourse forum.


It would be really nice if a site operator could please turn on the dark theme for users. It’s not hard to do: you can go into Admin -> Customize area and create a non-default theme with the Dark color pallet.