Request for help in training users new to Rust


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I am currently part of a workgroup working with 5 universities across the US to develop a Secure Programming course. This is an experiment to attempt to create more secure software by training programmers through a variety of teaching methods (seminars, classes, camps, etc.) over a period of time.

One aspect of the program being developed is to use "memory safe programming languages". Unfortunately, most - if not all - of us in the group are unfamiliar with Rust and can use some help. If experts in Rust on this forum are willing to help support this educational effort towards developing a course, as well as potentially teaching it, we would welcome hearing from them. At this time, we cannot promise anything more than the appreciation of support in helping develop better programmers leading to a safer and more secure technology environment; down the road, who knows what's possible.

Sending me a connection request on LI (Arshad Noor - StrongKey | LinkedIn) will be the best way to share your information with the workgroup - I will assume your own LI profile will be current wrt Rust.

Thank you.

As a complement to seeking active participation in developing the materials, I suggest coming back here and asking for people to review the materials once they exist.


Also, IMHO, the least you can do is check out more than a LinkedIn profile before dismissing potential candidates that are willing to work for you for free.


Thank you for the suggestion; you make a valid point.

Thanks for your feedback, @jofas; your point is acknowledged.
The willingness to cooperate and the LI profile are merely the first step to a discussion with the professional educators at the universities; they will make the final determination on suitability.

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You might also want to look at Google's Comprehensive Rust course for an idea of possible structure.

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