Advice regarding advocating for and training developers to use Rust?

Hi Rustaceans!

I've had the pleasure of working with Rust at work for around eight months now, and have gotten to build some software that I'm really quite proud of. While my team has made a lot of progress with our work, until now I've been the only developer really working with Rust and, as a result, have been the "owner" of the parts of our codebase using it. There has been some concern expressed by management that it may be too difficult to quickly train other developers to use the language.

I'd like to ask those of you who are using Rust at work, in any capacity, a few questions whose answers I think will really help me out. First of all, what kind of arguments have you made to explain the decision to use Rust for your project(s), and which was the most compelling? Second, if you've had the experience of having other members of your team pick up Rust, how were you able to help them get going? Lastly, what challenges, technical or otherwise, have you encountered that resulted from the decision to use Rust and how did you overcome them?


I don't know when the RustFest Kyiv videos will be posted, but @ag_dubs's talk was on this exact topic.


We're in the process of uploading them. I'll make sure to point to it once it is available in a couple of days.


There we go: Ashley Williams - How I Convinced the World's Largest Package Manager to Use Rust, and So Can You!


Thanks so much for getting those uploaded so quickly, and doubly for giving this thread a heads up!