[Novize] Writing a very simple rendering library?

Hello guys!

I just finished my useless library for rendering ASCII symbols on a canvas. It's made for learning purpose but I now want to dive deeper into Rust and therefore want to try out some graphics programming.

I found some libraries like Pistong/Graphics. But still I'd like to ask if you guys can recommend any library which is low level enough to do so. I then would read through the code and try to imitate the way the library does it. It's all for learning purpose.

Thanks for your help and I hope you get my point!

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I think the simplest real world drawing library is https://github.com/emoon/rust_minifb. Though it does not do any OpenGL if you are looking for that.

Also, I would recommend writing a ray tracer in Rust as a learning exercise :smile: It's fun and you would touch quite a lot of aspects of Rust.


Ha, this is exactly what I'm doing at the moment :slight_smile: It's great fun indeed! There's some good info on www.scratchapixel.com to get started, and of course there is this awesome example: tray_rust

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thank you both - I hope I can get far enough :wink: