Rust Graphics 2017

I'm just starting to dabble in Rust and I'm really enjoying it so far. I can definitely see the potential for what can be achieved.

My background is in graphics and animation for video games and film. These days I'm primarily building things in Unity and Houdini, but I also use Processing and Open Frameworks.

I'm very interested in the current state of graphics on Rust. My research first brought me to Piston, which is a little overwhelming in it's current state for my level of comfort with Rust. However, I really like the motivation and philosophy behind the project.. Then I found Glium, which seemed very promising until I came across tomaka's post-mortem.

Which brings me here. What are people using for graphics today in 2017? What are the current best practices for drawing things on screen with Rust?


Check out the Logicoma demo and its write-up.


This is far beyond anything I had anticipated. Thank you, pwrdwnsys. This whole thing is a goldmine.

Hi made this derivative work available on github.

@pinkertron Piston can be a lot to take in when first learning Rust (this is actually how I started in Rust). To that end, I've found examples are the best way to learn Piston.

I've contributed to rocket (the game, not the new web framework), a simple 2D game. It's in a really good state to be used as an example to learn from.

If you are looking for some music :musical_score: integrated into a game you can check out my work-in-progress Piston game rust-belt.

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Rocket looks like a great entry point into Piston. Thanks for sharing. Good examples go such a long way. Rocket looks well structured, and well named from what I see here at first glance. One thing that makes the book a little tough at times is all the abbreviated and single character names. Rocket appears quite readable.