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Hello everyone! So, lately I have been infatuated with making little games and computer graphics and the like. My primary medium up to this point has been HTML5 canvas plus Javascript and even sometimes wasm(rust) and ive even started poking around with Bevy amd Ggez. Things have been slow unfortunately, as I am pretty much on my own when it comes to locating "complete" and "understandable" resources to learn everything Ive set out to. On top of all this; and as Ive mentioned in previous posts I am currently homeless(as in living in a tent on the sidewalk, yep the real deal), my primary source of electricity used to charge my phone and laptops has been shut down as other people in my situation were abusing it and trashing the area. So, although, yes there are other options for me, they unfortunately carry the risk of getting me arrested and everything is just a complete shitshow. Im truly having a hard time...

Anyways, I put all of this out there to ask this. Given my limited resources in about every respect here, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that might have an open enough mind and the time to perhaps help me along and help me utilize my time more effectively? Unfortunately I cant offer any compensation and would if I could. A little more insight as to where I at with all this: I have recently started really trying to learn Webgl as well as some of the math associated with 3d graphics. As mentioned, Ive also poked around a couple rust crates too. I guess, since Webgl is akin to OpenGl Es I would be looking to continue learning either unless pointed in another, similar direction. I know this is a rust forum, so Im trying not to talk too much javascript here, but this is my primary language. I would love to learn these skills with rust and could also use some assistance understanding and learning it too. Im pretty open minded and willing to take direction from anyone with the patience willingness to give it.

Apologies if this is not the proper place to be posting this and sorry for the book.

Chad aka Meek

Most of the Rust GPU conversation happens on Matrix, being a good place to start.

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Otherwise the ecosystem has been outlined here.

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