My introduction to the community :)

Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Chad and Ive been programming for about a year now. I actually tried starting with Rust and failed miserably. From there I decided on Javascript and a few months ago started looking into Rust again and things are a little bit better this time. I still have tons to learn and am quite frankly having difficulty doing so, but the motivation is there. Currently I am homeless and my resources are not always the most plentiful so I hope that being apart of this community will help to bridge that gap when it comes to learning how to program in Rust. My biggest interests in Rust involve, naturally, WASM, mostly using Rust and WASM to increase performance with WebGL2 (which i am also still trying to figure out) and building snappy and entertaining things for the internet. Another one of my biggest interests come from my general desire to learn a lower level language and using my understanding of said language to help learn more about computer science. Finally I would have to say from noodling around with other languages is I really like how Rust teaches you how to program in safer way right off the bat. Ive used some ideas that Ive taken from Rust and have been able to use them when programming in Javascript. Anyways, apologies for the mess of an introduction.




Welcome! We wish your homeless situation improves soon

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