Ideas for a Rayon logo

I’d like to have a logo for Rayon, if you designers are so bored. :wink:

Perhaps it could be derived from the Rust logo with a thread/spool connotation. Or it could look atomic for a French pun, rayon de l’électron (electron radius), which I saw in the Rust room at FOSDEM.

There were more requests in this thread: Projects in need of designers?



@kornel That reminds me a lot of the IBM logo :wink:


I have no drawing skills whatsoever, but I’d very much play on the common R between Rust and Rayon (seeing that rayon so nicely demonstrates what rust can do for you wrt concurrency), and the fact that several Rays can be seen as a way to display parallelism, something like this:

where I imagine the circles at the end of the rays themselves have a sun-like circle of straight rays coming out of them (I’d also make them hollow inside, like spheres rather than circles… I can’t, though ^^).

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A bunch of colorful crayons laying perfectly parallel next to each other, where each has a slice of the Rust logo on it, so it makes up the full one.


I dunno, the name immediately makes me think of light, which makes me think of decomposing, manipulating, then recombining.

Edit: Because of Inkscape's weird document origin, the progression is bottom-to-top. Also, obviously not a designer...

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I like the prism idea too – maybe it can be kept “unique” by including the Rust gear and/or R?

Here I have an rough sketch with the Cog and a prism:



Others ideas I’ve got is a group of flying photons in the middle of the Cog, symbolizing parallelism, atomics and rays, a proton nucleus collision in the middle of the Cog or an Inator from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

I prefer the one on the right, but it probably won’t render well on a small raster (e.g., at small size or on a low-resolution display). The five orbitals could be in different colors, each morphing as the color transitions around the ellipse (somewhat similar to your earlier post in this thread). And of course you could also place a central “R” in the gear.

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Something involving multple Ferris’ (Ferri?) would be cool. Or even a single Ferris with multiple pincers.

In the same vein, perhaps just multiple Rust Gear Cogs interlocked with each other (

Rayon also means spoke in French which combines easily with the rust sprocket/cog and the idea that the whole thing is more than the sum of the part…