What's the font used in Rust logo?

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I was wondering what's the name of the font used for the Rust logo ? I must admit I don't like the logo very much so I'm having fun imagining new concepts (I know the logo won't change, it's just for fun), and I was wondering what I could come up with, with the actual font of the current logo.

I don't know for sure; it's wider than Clarendon Wide but not quite so wide as FF Zapata. It's definitely something from that family, though.

EDIT: Fixed "Clarendon Wide" link.

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I think the Egiziano font is pretty close to that used in the original logo. Though you could maybe ask Sean Martell as he appears to be the designer who created it:


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The logo designer probably created the letter from scratch, because the transitions between the straight and curved parts of the letter R in the logo imply that the letter was not crafted by a professional type designer.


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This topic has a very misleading title, but I don't really want to change it since it's so old. Let's discuss new idea for the Rust logo in a topic with a decent name.