Ideas for redesigning the Rust logo

Love the current logo. How about trying to come up with a Rust+Wasm logo as those two are going to be best buddies by the looks of things?

I think the serifs on the “R” are causing much of the visual clutter and lack of recognizability (for me at least). The bottom serifs make the R look somewhat like a “B” that has been lowered into the gear.

One could try to use a font that’s more like this:

These variants aim to look less like a B. I think, I like the second one the most. Of course, with the R touching the chainring with its feet, it’s always possible that someone might think it’s a B.

Completely removing the serifs looked awkward to me because it felt unbalanced:

There already exists a Rust + Wasm logo, used by the rustwasm team, if with “current” you mean the actual Rust logo:


Five holes in a star shape look better than four holes in a cross shape in my eyes.

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I think people should spend more time and efforts on stabilizing the ABI and making ‘asm!()’ stable, rather than polishing the logo.


Those are two very different skill sets. I doubt either one would block work on the other.


I agree. An ABI would be fantastic. :slight_smile:. I just don’t feel that there’s an easy way to get started with that. :confused:

I agree. I guess my frustration is with the perpetual lack of progress in the areas I mentioned, which in my opinion are far more important.

Also, note that these problems are not unique to Rust. Other languages have dealt with, and are dealing with them now. For example, GCC, Clang with LLVM seem to manage OK, even if their solution isn’t perfect.

Perhaps the benefits of waiting forever for a perfect solution aren’t as great as those of settling down on something simply acceptable.

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It’s highly unlikely that most people would care what you think they should be doing with their time.

It is like this: there are issues that lower the appeal of Rust to the wider community, and hurt Rust’s adoption rate. For people who do care to see Rust improving and gaining wider acceptance, it should make sense to pay attention to those issues. And perhaps, a reminder of where the real obstacles to adoption are (hint: it’s not the logo), might help them prioritize their efforts better.

For those “with idle hands” who merely look for ways to amuse themselves - absolutely, they wouldn’t care what I may think about it. Not would I care for them to care. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m trying to improve Rust with non programmer skills, because most programmers won’t see the need for improvement of a logo. I have already contributed to the Rust community by coding, but there’s plenty of other people capable of doing that, in contrast to designing stuff, which is probably less common among programmers. :smiley:


Yes, you are correct - graphical design skills appear to be rather less common. It’s not only that most of the programmers won’t see the need for the logo improvement, they probably won’t do a stunning good job there. So, no offense meant to good graphics designers :wink:

But, as I said before, I was venting my frustration with the fact that while there’s definitely/obviously more of those who can design code than of those who can design graphics (well :wink:) - issues that appear to be critical for usability and adoption into wider ecosystems, show little to no progress. Add if people chose to address easier issues because, well, it’s (relatively) easy, rather than dealing with more complicated ones that nonetheless cannot be kicked down the road forever.


I think it’s really cool of you to volunteer your time on this.

What I think I see from these suggestions is that I really like the current Rust logo. Yes, it is outside of the narrow window of ordinary design space that we’re used to from Silicon Valley tech companies, but that’s a good thing overall. The design space for logos has gotten way too small, and all logos look the same now. Rust’s logo really pops.

The ones you did where it’s still a gear but it has fewer spokes - those I like more! Particularly the first one that is sharp and toothy. Rust is a serious industrial tool and deserves to have a spiky logo.


IMO, this one, suggested by @johannesvollmer, is the best one so far:

I would simplify the R though, it resembles B too much.


Just tried something :slight_smile:


Can we just keep the logo as it is?

It has character. It does not look like a no parking notice or directions to the toilet as seen in the OP here. It does not look like it's been designed by a professional logo designer and hence the same as everything else.

Cut the bike shedding. Just keep what there is.


I'm not sure why they named it "Rust". This language reminds me more of a millipede (the head is the struct and the rings are added traits). It remember me a millipede because it is a "trait oriented language". And we can add as many traits as we want.

So a millipede is my proposal.

well it's named after a "rust", a fungus, because fungi are robust, parallel and distributed !
(no, i don't know how that relates to the gear logo, as far as i know the fungi eat plants, not gears)

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