Projects in need of designers?

Hi all,
I’ve been learning Rust for the past year, and I’m loving it (especially the community). My primary skill set is design, however. I was wondering if any projects were in need of/accepting help with visual design? I have work up here that I’m in the process of updating.

I understand Rust UI is still somewhat immature but nonetheless I’ve seen some very impressive projects built with GTK/QT/Web/some other tech.


Are you interested in doing branding/logos? We could use some kind of logo for rayon, if only for the avatar. I put a simple text logo on num, but I’m sure a designer could do better there too.

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Those are a great couple. I’m surprised they still need design help despite being such popular and widely used crates. I’d like to take a shot at both sometime soon.

To others: feel free to treat this thread as a dump of projects that need visual design help. I’m sure I can’t be the only designer that frequents these forums and I’d like to bring everything together :slight_smile:


The rust-combinators tool could use some design magic :slight_smile:

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Plenty of Rust web projects are always in need of more frontend people:

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Hi @doomy!

I’ve just released that is in need of a proper visual design. Would you be interested in upgrading it from its boring gray look?

Absolutely! I was eyeing it for a while but was unsure if there was already work being done. The UX of that site is already fantastic and some visual design work could make it really shine.

As far as logos, etc. for others, I’ve been busy the past month or so but I’m about to have a lot more free time (besides searching for jobs) so I hope to invest a lot more time into these projects.