Progress on a redesign?

I know that there's been some discussion of redesigning to look a bit more modern, but it seems like the talk has died down. I'd love to see some discussion start back up!


I worked a bit on it but didn't have enough time to move further. If anyone wants to move on on this, I can totally bring my help.

Last time this was brought up, the core team was not yet ready for a redisign:

While it is true that our web properties could use a fresh coat of paint, we're in the very, very beginning stages of considering what that might be like. we'd like to make some functional and content improvements to several of our web sites, but we're currently at the stage of 'organize our thoughts about what should be on the site,' which is before any design can even happen at all.

The core team hopes to have something more to say on the topic soon, but we don't want to commit to anything publicly right now, as we're not sure what the final form of this effort will be.

Maybe it has changed since then, but I am not sure what the community can do until they decide to take the leap.

It could already be great to have a tracking issue for this, where we could discuss what we would like to change and propose ideas.

One feature I'd appreciate is JavaScript-less rendering in read-only (aka browsing) mode.


That will come fairly easily very soon, and doesn't require much work.
Ember will gain FastBoot in a near-future stable release.

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That's good news, thank you!