Crate visualisation site request for comments

Hi all,

I am a scientist/data scientist by training, and would like to create a landing page for the more statistically minded rustaceans. My idea is to create a dashboard for and the crates that are held there, showing statistical information about the current crates, and their historical information. For example, taking the download history by version from the crate page and adding interactivity, and expanding on what is shown.

My idea is to host a site which initially shows statistics about the crates collection as a whole. Then the user can focus on a specific crate they are interested in. This will focus the information shown to just that crate.

I can imagine this site being a staging area of sorts for new visualisations that can be shown on itself, which can adopt the more useful or meaningful plots to embed there.

Some downsides of this idea I can think of:

  1. this site will be heavily reliant on what information can be extracted from the API, and may require additional changes that is not willing to support,
  2. this site adds additional burden on the servers. I plan to use caching heavily to reduce this burden

I'm interested in gathering the following feedback:

  • is this idea something that people are interested in?
  • if so, what graphs can people think of that would be interesting. I can try to implement them, if the data is available.

(This idea was spawned from an issue and subsequent PR.)


You can use data dumps to avoid hitting the API:


One thing that might be related or unrelated is that, I've long been hoping for some generated list of crate A that depend on crate B multiple times with semver-incompatible versions, which means that crate A or its intermediate dependency needs a dependency version bump.

@kornel thanks for the pointer. This certainly seems the better way to go ahead, though I'll need to investigate later this evening.

@crlf0710 this is a great idea, and I've been interested about this too. Perhaps with the data dumps this may be doable.

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