Historical data on crates.io

Hi everyone.
I'm putting together a non-technical presentation about rust as "time investment" for devs. Specifically, business value for using rust in areas like IoT/embedded on 2021 and perhaps some assumptions into the future.

As part the presentation I wanted to talk about the growth in resources, for example the number of crates available in crates.io , I would put this into a nice graph. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? And, if someone know of other non-tech (or not too technical) presentations to take inspiration from that would be equally appreciated.

Finally let me know if the is a better place to ask this type of questions.


Some sort of download data would be in the database dump. (I don't know if the numbers are consolidated once the dates in question are no longer "recent" or not.)

As that page also mentions, you can email help@crates.io if you don't get a definitive answer here.


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