Funding for Freelance Development of Opensource Rust Crates

RedJack is a cybersecurity company heavily leveraging Rust across our product capabilities.

We regularly wish we had crates for capabilities we often have in other languages and don't have the time to build them ourselves. As a way of solving this problem and giving back to the community, we would like to fund freelance rust developers to build these crates. We're looking for crates to facilitate use of popular cloud platforms, math/stats capabilities, implementation of a Yara crate (YARA - The pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers) and others. Send me a message if you're interested!


Hi, very interesting proposition in here. However, why not providing exactly what you need? Maybe a crate already does what you want and its owner will be willing to add missing features with such funding proposition?

Might be nice to add a list of "to improved" crates, don't you think?


Thank you for your advice. In many cases we do not know exactly what we need, we will discuss the specific requirements we do have with interested freelancers and allow them to decide to use the approach you are outlining. They will have a lot of autonomy.

We may approach existing crate owners as you suggest, for the most part we think these are new efforts.

Have left you a message

Have left you a message, too.

Many responses! Thanks to all!