What's everyone working on this week (12/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I’ve been pretty busy recently. I’m the maintainer of the aliri family of crates. The crates for Actix Web and Warp saw updates to account for new releases, and I added new crates to support authentication/authorization middlewares for Tower services, including Tonic and Axum. I also added a middleware crate to inject access tokens (managed automatically in the background) into outbound requests using Reqwest. I plan to add another Tower middleware for injecting authentication tokens in this same way for raw Hyper clients. Search aliri on docs.rs or crates.io to find out about it all.

I’ve also been doing some work in the Prost space, preparing to release a binary that is compatible with the protoc plugin model. I’ve been using this to help build a schema management ecosystem that results in generating code in Rust and other languages that will make it easy to produce and consume messages to or from Kafka.

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