What's everyone working on this week (3/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

v0.32.0 of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) released last Friday!

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I'm trying to improve the overall build system/CI of koppeln, which is a minimal dynamic DNS server. The goal is to get some acceptance/end-to-end tests running using Linux Containers.

I just released a first version of blend_info on crates.io. At some point I was working on a similar project on codeberg and I kind of hacked that into rs-pbrt to be able to use some binary Blender .blend files directly as input for my physically based renderer. The executable for that is called parse_blend_file file and details (or a video about it) can be found here. Anyway, the new crate should help parsing any Blender file (independent of the version) and extract information you like to use, kind of cherry picking stuff. I will use the library in a future version of parse_blend_file (as a prove of concept) but want to involve other people early, because they can help me defining a re-usable library, which can be used for many things, not just my renderer. I also started to use sourcehut and investigated how to use CI (building currently for Debian) there, provide mailing lists, and use the (project based) ticket system. Both projects and activity around it can be found here. Most likely I will work on documentation and maybe a blog post about how to use blend_info next. Try to register for one of the mailing lists if you want to contribute and/or create a ticket ...

Here is at least some info how to use the binary for searching and finding stuff.

Hello Everyone, My Name is Sam, I am new to Rust and working on learning the language, Currently I am just in my terminal playing around with data types and control flows. I am a computer science student in Minnesota USA. I started learning Rust because I know Solana Blockchain and Internet Computer Blockchain use it as well as a few other blockchains. I am interested in Web3 and blockchain so I decided to learn RUST. Looking forward to interacting with you all. I am also on the discord as Lord Alya Vijana

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