What's everyone working on this week (11/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I released two new versions of my crates last week. The renderer is currently not changing that much anymore. The Windows .msi installer was changed to report the dual licensing correctly (MIT & Apache 2.0), and to contain two executables, one to render .pbrt (v3) files, and one to parse and render Blender's binary .blend files (in theory independent of the Blender version using it's DNA info). Using the crate blend_info not as an executable to inspect a .blend file, but as a crate (like the example mentioned above) is now documented a little more, but I hope to improve the documentation soon, so other people get interested in using blend_info as a crate to cherry pick information they want to re-use in their own code. Examples would be OpenGL or Vulkan viewers of geometry which was modelled within any Blender version ...

I have released compose-rt a positional memorization runtime. It help you to manage tree with incremental updates.

One use case is to create declarative GUI framework. oxui is an early stage Flutter like GUI using compose-rt to mange its render tree.

I'm working on a Minitel interface in Rust:

You draw the image/text you want in a buffer, and it sends the diff to the Arduino via USB, which sends the converted signal to the Minitel. There is still some work to smoothen the API, and to implement input from the Minitel keyboard.

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