What's everyone working on this week (14/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Trying to implement the SUNDAE block mode for block ciphers.

I'm trying to use Rouille (GitHub - tomaka/rouille: Web framework in Rust) to make a simple cms for my site. So far i got it working with Tera (for templates) ow i'm struggling with database support :slight_smile:

Next to that i'm trying to build a server/client project that grabs some registry settings from the client and sends them to the server. (for compliance checks) So far i've managed to extract registry keys :slight_smile:

Lots of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) activity again this week. Working with contributors on PRs for adding support for complex numbers, converting between underlying storage types, some minor changes to expose type aliases, and supporting the num::Signed trait.

I've started up some work again on flo_draw 0.4. I've been working on compositing images - there's a blog post which shows off a new effect possible with the multiply blend mode when combined with some of the functions for manipulating the stream of vector instructions.

Going to be looking at some filter effects this week: I've got this new example as a starting point:

Dynamic textures are a feature that make it easy to keep a bitmap representation of a vector drawing that matches the display resolution. Here this is used to repeat the image and alpha-blend it. When running the demo, the image animates and maintains its resolution even when the window resizes, which can't really be captured in a screenshot.

The neat thing about this is it provides a basis for performing a whole load of the usual things that are done with off-screen rendering - like the bitmap version of the shadow effect I described in the blog post - without the usual manual setup and maintenance process.

The plan is to add a way to attach filter post-processing steps to them, probably starting with a gaussian blur effect (seems to be the most straightforward effect from SVG to implement in a fragment shader).

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Learning lifetimes. Having hard time understanding lifetimes in methods, impl blocks etc. but gaining momentum slowly

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