just surpassed 100 million downloads!

There are now 7,500 crates available for download on and the total download count just crossed the 100 million download mark! Wow :slight_smile:

Based on the numbers from, some 15 new crates are uploaded every day to With that speed, there will be more Rust crates available than Haskell packages at some point in 2018. Not bad at all for such a young language.

I'm super new to Rust and come from the Python world. The PyPI repository is naturally bigger, but the quality of the things I've played with in Rust has been great! Having a great package manager tool from the beginning is super important, and Cargo has worked brilliantly for me. Well done!


Downloading regex v0.2.1
warning: spurious network error (2 tries remaining): [28] Timeout was reached (Operation too slow. Less than 10 bytes/sec transferred the last 30 seconds)
error: unable to get packages from source

not without hiccups apparently

oh, I thought that was just me and my horrid connection