What's everyone working on this week (44/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I discovered that crates.io has a rate limit of publishing 5 new crates at once and one every 10 minutes afterwards, so now I've cobbled together a shell script that publishes my workspace without needing to babysit my computer for the next 2 hours (18 crates = ~140 mins).


There's a traditional Italian card game called Ramino, which I'm writing an engine for. I'm relatively new to the language but I love the type system so far. Maybe in the end I can write some AI players to simulate thousands of games and extract data from that to gain an upper hand over my family, muahahah!

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Continuing work on konst 0.3.0, the last few things that I did are:

  • added str::chars, str::char_indices equivalents
  • added macro for generating functions to project TypeEq
  • made the macros for building a &'static str out of iterators and slices support chars as well(previously only &strs were supported)

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