Making external Rust documentation websites better

Hi there -
I’m looking to create a way for Rust users to better document their libraries and applications using external sites (AKA, not generated docs but websites like or

If you could fill out this survey (should take no more than 5 minutes) it would help me gauge what viewers and maintainers see as important features.

(survey has finished! thank you for participating!)

I will post a followup on the data I receive sometime later :slight_smile:

If you have any concerns about the survey or want to express ideas not covered in the survey, please respond below!


Edit: here’s some additional information as some requested:

I’m primarily a UI/UX designer active in the Rust community. I’m about to create a project website for the crate vst and I wanted some feedback before starting work.

Additionally, I am thinking of creating a generic theme for gutenberg (a static site generator) that anyone can use (MIT licensed and open-source) easily to build their own external documentation website. I wanted to find the pros and cons of current solutions so I could make something better.

As far as personal info, location is useful when dealing with internationalization. My hypothesis is that European countries would have a greater need for internationalization, and I wanted to test that hypothesis. I also wanted to take gender into account to make sure I could compensate for a majority male audience. However, I made sure to keep both of those options optional to respect privacy. If you have any additional questions I’d be happy to answer them.

As far as disclaimers go, this is a side project I’m doing for fun, I plan to release any project as free and open source, and I am not backed by any company.


Thank you to everyone who participated! I got a lot of useful responses and it will help me greatly in the next stage of design where I begin to wireframe.

I’ve created a small writeup on my website about what I learned. It includes some of your responses along with a CSV file with the raw responses, for anyone interested.

If you find any errors or weird assertions that I made, please let me know. I’m not exactly a statistician so I may have interpreted some things incorrectly.

Once I finish the next round of wireframes and user flows, I’ll make a follow up :slight_smile:

As a side note, I use the Rust-powered Gutenberg static site generator for my website. The theme is free and open source.

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