All the Rust swag

I've recently needed to summarize the state of Rust swag to multiple parties, and now find myself in possession of a great wealth. Let me share! Almost all this stuff is unofficial (only the 'official rust logo' sticker on stickermule and the devswag stuff are canon). If you know of others post them here and I'll add them to the OP.




This is a decent selection of options, but there's lots more we could do!

Some ideas:

  • White Rust logo on black t-shirt.
  • Something about the one plain Rust-logo T doesn't quite work for me. Just too plain. In my mind I see a black T-shirt with the logo so big it spills off the T-shirt, offset in some way. Difficult to pull off well I'm sure.
  • More logo / shirt color options.
  • It might be nice if logo shirts included the word "Rust" or "" or something.
  • temple-of-rust stickers, T-shirts.
  • rustacean t-shirts without the "I'm a rustacean" language on the back. Maybe "" instead.

Unixstickers has a couple of stickets too Unixstickers | Sticker Mule and claims that a portion of proceeds go back to the project

Am willing to perform strange initiation rituals for a temple-of-rust t-shirt.


Here's another issue with swag ideas:

Count me in for a re-run of the blimp one. :innocent:

Also why is there this but not this without this? :confused:

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I think

is missing...


Owning three of them, I can definitely say they are awesome :slight_smile:

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I agree. I wish there was a little more info on it like

Front: Rust Logo

Back: Fast, safe, concurrent
Back: Pick three


I'd personally like to see some Rust & Lovecraft swag.

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One of the sites ( denotes Ferris as the unofficial mascot.

Is Ferris recognized as the mascot of Rust, or is it true that he is a false idol?

There is.

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I have made an unofficial rustacean t-shirt with glow in the dark print :flashlight: and another interpretation of ferris the :crab:
The source for the crab illustration is

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Found this one Rustlang Teespring

I'd like to see the caption In mod we Rust on a shirt :grin: Maybe the "o" as gear or the "R" as the official logo ... or a sytax highlighting of "mod", "in" ... whatever looks appropriate.

Maybe there's a catchy one-liner within the "Quote of the week".


That would be a great label for Condoms either :innocent:


You really want to have fast and concurrent on your condoms? :wink:

I've updated the OP with the new links.

For some reason disappeared due to 'content issues'.

@matklad, the Doge-in-the-gear refers specifically to the Servo project ( I think I have perhaps half a dozen stickers of it left, somewhere... :slight_smile:


Is there any interest in the 3D-Version of Ferris*?

It's currently endemic to my backpack, but I think it can be reproduced on demand as I have a personal relation to its creator :grin:

  • can someone confirm the name and the status of a mascot?

@fyl2xp1 Cooool. I'd like one if the artist is wiling to make and ship more. I'll happily pay a modest fee for any unique Rust paraphernalia.

Its name is Ferris and it is a beloved unofficial mascot.

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