How to either fix or disable rust analyzer for notebooks in vscode

so I'm currently doing some project where one of the files I'm working with is a jupyter notebook running the evcxr rust kernel. I keep getting spammed by message originating from rust-analyzer:

[Error - 10:55:48 AM] Request textDocument/codeLens failed.
  Message: file not found: /home/skewballfox/Workspace/Classes/Data_and_Communications/backoff_benchmark/report_notebook/report.ipynb
  Code: -32603 

apparently it's happening frequently enough that my average cpu temp has been raised and extra 10 degrees for the past day. code-insiders has been eating up my cpu time even when idling, which IME is due to something getting called infinitely because it's failing and reattempting

I'm not sure if should report this as an issue to evcxr, rust-analyzer, if this is too far outside of the use case for both projects and I should just disable rust analyzer for files with an ipynb extension (not sure how), or if this is something that just requires tweaking a config setting to get working properly.

any suggestions for either 3 possibilities? should I report this? can this be fixed? have any idea how to tell rust analyzer to ignore ipynb?

appreciate any feedback you guys might have

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