Help Needed: Rust-Analyzer in Code - OSS

Hi all, I am using the open source version of VSCode (GitHub - microsoft/vscode: Visual Studio Code). However, I can't seem to get the correct version of rust-analyzer to show up. Previously I have had to use the --enable-proposed-api option to get certain extensions to show up. However, if I try

code --enable-proposed-api rust-lang.rust-analyzer

I am still unable to get it to show up in the extension marketplace. Any tips? Thanks!

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Try manually installing the vsix from rust-analyzer's github release page. Publishing to OpenVSX is broken. The issue is on their end as I understand it: New versions not available on OpenVSX (platform-specific VSIXes) · Issue #11080 · rust-lang/rust-analyzer · GitHub

Thanks a lot! This is enough to get me working and I will watch the issue to hopefully get automatic updates.

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