Rust-analyzer extension no longer working

Has anyone else had issues with the rust-analyzer VS Code extension lately? Mine no longer highlights syntax errors or provides type suggestions. Steps I've tried to resolve this so far:

  • Made sure official "Rust" extension is not installed at the same time
  • Checked the server logs (no new logs)
  • Reinstalled the rust-analyzer extension (I'm not able to install the 'Release' version, so I installed 'Pre-release' instead. When I try to install release, the screen refreshes and the button just says "Install" again, indicating nothing was installed)

Thank you!

That's because the rust-analyzer extension recently changed ownership from matklad to rust-lang. This is a known issue. Since the latest stable channel has been released, this should be fixed now.

It looks like quitting VS Code and restarting it seemed to fix the last issue, finally. I wish they did a better job of making the ownership change less of a nuisance for end-users. Oh well.

I had to select the prerelease version of the vscode rust analyser extension. Restarting vscode did not work for me (as of the timestamp of this post). No doubt the problem will fix itself as the transition settles in.

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