VSCode prompts on failures

Heyo, is there a way to just silence a lot of the failures/errors/saving in vscode that appear in the bottom right? It is extremely annoying at this point and I can't find any configuration option to either move it to another corner or hide them.

Have you tried opening an issue over at the rust-analyzer git repo?

Not yet, I was considering doing so but the README for rust analyzer mentioned this forum for usage/troubleshooting.

I also get those errors, and they're quite annoying, I just never thought of acting upon them.
I believe that just silencing that output isn't the correct answer here, as it does seem like a bug that should get reported

The issue is already known -> Request textDocument/inlayHint failed · Issue #13372 · rust-lang/rust-analyzer · GitHub
You can disable the closing brace hints which should get rid of most occurences of the issue
via the settings.json with "rust-analyzer.inlayHints.closingBraceHints.enable": false or the settings gui alternatively.

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Press Escape and they go away, if you don't know.
I'm also waiting for a fix.

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