Silencing rust-analyzer 'not implemented' errors

Hi all,

I'm testing out the excellent inline-python crate, with the following code:

use inline_python::python;

fn main() {
    let x_max = 10;

    python! {
        import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
        import numpy as np

        x = np.linspace(0, 'x_max, 1000)
        y = x**2

        plt.plot(x, y)

This works as expected, and creates a plot just as native Python would. However I'm running into an issue where the rust-analyzer extension on VSCode will squiggle underneath the entire python command:


with an associated error:


I understand that the code I'm running is experimental—to run this code requires Rust +nightly. But, short of disabling the extension, is there a method to silence an error such as this for certain sections of code? Thanks!

Update: I did some more digging in the settings for rust-analyzer in VSCode and the best method I have found is to add 'macro-error' to the list of disabled diagnostics, which appears to remove the error from my Rust code.

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