EndBASIC cross-compiled to the web (WASM is cool!)

Hello all!

You might have seen a previous announcements of mine around a little toy project I'm working on called EndBASIC and it's now time for one more announcement (and probably the last one here as I feel the foundations are now laid out).

During the last few weeks, I've been working on porting this interpreter written in Rust to the web by targeting WASM. The journey has been complicated, but after overcoming a couple of roadblocks, it's amazing to see all my Rust code base run inside a browser, fully client side, with just a tiny bit (~150 lines) of JavaScript glue.

I'd give you more details here, but I'll just let you read the full journey here:


Or... see the deployed version right away:


Thanks for reading and, especially, for the help you have offered through my questions!

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Awesome. Nice job. Takes me back to 1974.


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