EndBASIC 0.6: now with Raspberry Pi support and other goodies

Hello everyone!

EndBASIC is a retro-looking BASIC interpreter fully written in Rust. The project's primary goal is to offer a simple environment for learning the basics of programming. The interpreter targets the web for ease of use (thanks, WASM), common operating systems, and now... the Raspberry Pi too for some more flashiness!

This release is exciting because of new features such as GPIO support and multidimensional arrays. But it hasn't come without frustration. Implementing something as simple as the SLEEP command so that it worked both natively and within WASM was quite challenging, and dealing with GPIO when there are multiple crates out there was too.

Anyhow, I could say much more, but I'll leave you with the release announcement which covers everything in detail: EndBASIC 0.6 release announcement - jmmv.dev

Feedback welcome and hopefully this isn't becoming off-topic for this forum :sweat_smile: Rust and WASM are key enablers for this project and for my ability to refactor and iterate super-quickly, and am incredibly grateful for these tools.


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