EndBASIC 0.3 - Now with a web UI and a full-screen editor


It has been a long time since my last update on this project but I finally have piled up enough changes to justify a follow-up announcement :slight_smile:

For context: EndBASIC is a retro-like BASIC interpreter written in Rust, inspired by Locomotive BASIC and QuickBASIC. The project runs in all popular operating systems as well as the web thanks to Rust's WASM target.

The two main changes since the last release are the web interface itself and a full-screen built-in text editor made with crossterm, which I believe make the interactive experience much more pleasant than it was before.

Without further ado, I'll leave you with the release announcement at https://jmmv.dev/2020/11/endbasic-0.3.html and the live view of the project at https://endbasic.jmmv.dev/.

The number of TODOs in the code keeps growing at a fast pace given that this is only a side-project and my time is limited... so expect some breakage -- particularly in the web UI. But hopefully it stays up long enough for you to play with it :wink:

Thanks for looking!

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Well that's certainly a blast from the past -- really neat!

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