Announcing EndBASIC 0.2.0

Hello everyone!

I'm not completely sure this announcement is appropriate here given that I was just posting a couple of weeks ago about this new crate... but given that the guidelines say any announcements are good, here I go!

I've just published version 0.2.0 of the EndBASIC crate, which is a simple BASIC interpreter written in Rust. The major changes in this release are a REPL and interactive program editing. Compared to the previous version, I'm not suuuuuper-happy about the new code, but I think most of it will be scraped at some point in the near future. And... that's all I can do with only about 1-2 hours of free time per day to spend into this.

Anyway. I've also written a little tour to showcase the new features :slight_smile:

Now... to play with crossterm to see what kind of full-screen, colorful, retro-like, command-line interface I can come up with!

Thanks for looking.


You brought back some fond(?) memories of when I was an assistant professor at Dartmouth in the 1970s. Since BASIC was invented there, it got a lot more attention than other languages. In fact, I had to do my research with BASIC because the Fortran compiler was flaky.

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Oh yeah. Good old line numbered BASIC. My first taste of programming in technical college circa 1974.

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